VoteSmarterNC legislative voting data




VoteSmarterNC is an Open Charlotte Brigade project to whose technical goal is to download and export data from the North Carolina General Assembly. The overall objective of this project is to export bill, member, and voting data into a more usable format for its presentation by the citizens of North Carolina. Additionally this data and code can be used as a base-layer to drive websites, applications, and data analyses which further the objective.

Find the code

Checkout the branch from Open Charlotte Brigade

Find the data

Don’t want to mess with code but want to see the data. Check out our repository on

How to help

Download the code. Spin it up and obtain a copy of the data.

Adopt an issue. Visit the project issue list on Github and knock out something helpful in our code base. This is a great way to get started. Fix bugs, refactor, and make some pull requests. All the small stuff helps.

Currently the project’s data scraper is nearly completed (it’s workable!). We are looking for someone who wants to migrate our data to a relational SQL database so that it may be the back-end of a web application. We do not have a backend framework so if that’s something which interests you and/or you have experience building API’s we want your opinions and help!

We also need people interested in data analysis and data visualization who want to look at 2017-18 NCGA session data.Can you give us any insights on the bill, member, and voting data? We want to do anything from statistical and trend analysis to pretty graphs and visuals. If you want to see our data check out our repository where we’ve dumped NCGA data.