Hack for Change 2018! Join us for Charlotte's Civic Design-a-thon!



Hack for Change 2018

September 28th & 29th 2018

Hack for Change: A Civic Design-a-thon is an empowering and interactive partnering between civic tech hackers and their community to address Charlotte’s challenges through design thinking techniques. From September 8-29th, we’ll be exploring challenges, obstacles and how we get everyone in the room work together.

Unlike a normal hackathon, we won’t even discuss building solutions during the two days. The focus is to explore the challenge, identify the obstacles, discover the stakeholders and develop a plan. We strongly believe in building with a community, not for them. Therefore, we want to include input and participation from residents, service users, resource providers, government partners and more before building a solution.

Open Charlotte Brigade’s annual Hack for Change: A Civic Design-a-thon event at Camp North End (1824 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206) raises awareness about the Civic Tech Movement by empowering all residents with resources, advocacy and action. Our two half-days will revolve around conversations and lots of post-it notes. While we are technologists at heart, we believe that all good technology starts with people, a challenge and some post-it notes.

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Do you have a good article or primer that defines “design thinking” and examples of its methodologies. I must admit it’s not something I’m familiar with using and other interested participants might need some context to understand how this event works.


This article correlates with our approach, @curleypg! Basically we start off the event with everyone getting to know each other as well as raising concerns and discussing them through workshops. From there, working with those who have raised concerns to use their perspectives in forming ideas or identifying additional people we need to include, what research needs to be done, what resources are needed, etc.