Get involved with the CMPD Explorers Christmas Project!



Looking to get involved with the CMPD Explorers Christmas Project? That’s great! Your contributions will help make the holidays brighter for hundreds of families in the Charlotte area! This post will go over what positions we have available for you to make an impact with.

Reply to this topic if you’re interested in joining or visit us at a Community Action Night!

Who we’re looking for

  • Front-end Developers (React)
  • Back-end Developers (Node)
  • Storytellers
  • Web interface designers
  • Product owner
  • Warehouse & Delivery Volunteers (November - December)

Our technology stacks

We use a split-stack architecture to welcome contributors with different technological backgrounds and share code between multiple applications. You can find the code at our GitHub repo here.



Be a storyteller!

We would love for you to join us and share our team’s story in developing this application.

  • Quick updates can be shared on our project page on the brigade website.
  • Longer write-ups can be shared on the brigade’s Medium.
  • You can also help arrange social media posts and email newsletter content with Open Charlotte’s other marketing volunteers.

Help our app fit its theme as a designer

Want to flex your design skills and make the season brighter for the people using our applications as well? We would love for a web interface designer to step in and lead our development team in developing brighter, more festive applications.

Be our product owner

Our volunteer development team members currently serve as our product owners documenting processes and gathering requirements in between bursts of code. It would greatly help our development team build great new features into the applications if we had a dedicated team member for attending stakeholder meetings, producing documentation, and populating our task tracker.

Volunteer at the warehouse!

We would love to involve more Open Charlotte volunteers in the warehouse and delivery processes. Not only does that help us come up with ideas for how we can make the process easier in future years, it helps CMPD and their partners help more children in less time!

Warehouse season is November - December. We’ll have more information around then.


Reserved post in case needed


Reserved post in case needed