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“Nominations” Application

The nominations application currently services two purposes: it allows school counselors and program partners to nominate children to be gift recipients, and it also provides administration and reporting tools to program managers at CMPD.

School counselors must register and then approved before gaining access to the system.

Registration process

  • School counselor registers on the website. They’ll receive a verification email after registration.
  • After clicking the verification link, CMPD receives an email notifying them that a new user has registered.
  • CMPD logs into the dashboard, goes to the “Pending Registrations” section, and approves or denies the pending account.
  • The registrant receives an email notification letting them know their account has been approved. They can then log in and use the system.

Nomination form

The nomination process carried out by school counselors consists of a paper nomination form and a form on our web application. The physical paper form is required to be scanned and uploaded for legal purposes as it has a parent / guardian signature.

  • Counselor sends a paper form home to the child’s parents or guardians.
  • Parent / guardian fills out the form (which is almost identical to our web-based form) and returns to the counselor.
  • Counselor fills out the web form in our application and uploads a scanned copy of the physical form.
  • CMPD is notified. Is able to use admin interface to approve the nomination or inform the counselor that additional information is required.

Reporting tools



Adoptions Application



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