CAN Food Options for 15


Pizza has been our Tuesday night option. Last night the request was put forth to share other options. So here’s the start of a list that has vege options; please add where you see fit:

  • Jimmy Johns | 30 piece platter is #53
  • Jersey Mike’s | have to call for their pricing
  • Publix
  • Harris Teeter


For vegetarian/vegan options, Subway has a “Fresh Fit Platter” that includes the Veggie Delite sandwich. You can also customize your own platter. The website says each platter serves 5-9 people, so this might be cost prohibitive. There is also a six-foot Giant Sub that serves 20-25 people, but you would probably have to make one entirely veggie. We would have to call for pricing. If we stick with pizza, the Mellow Mushroom has vegan/vegetarian options.


For our random “mystery pizza,” I recently discovered Fuel’s Spinach, Ricotta and Tomato Pizza.


I have to say that Spinach ricotta and tomato pie is an excellent choice!