Big Picture

What are our end goals and how might we achieve them? Here we’ll discuss this and more. Use this space to discuss how might we engage our broader community, collaborate with civil servants and how we encourage civic engagement and participatory governance through the creative use of technology and data.


This category is for discussing, documenting, calendar scheduling and mapping of events. By default, it allows all topics to have a date and time as well as a location attached to them.

Community Discussion

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Active Projects

Discussions and documentation for active projects. Larger projects have their own subcategories; let us know if you need one for your project!

Project Ideas

Got a project idea or looking for something to work on? Check out this category!


Share and discuss any resources for learning, building, and sharing!

Civic Jobs

Know of a civic-related job in the Charlotte area? Post it here!